How to update traffic sources dimension for traffic sources report

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I met a problem in traffic sources report, I use Onpremises version.

There is a default traffic sources dimension, so i apply the dimension as traffic sources report.
1. Could you help me get second dimension with different search engine or campaign name?
2. I add campaign id (WT.mc_id) as second dimension, find the mapping is not our expected. the groups are not correct

Could you help me go through this report? HOw to modify?

Thank you

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Posted 2 years ago

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P.J. Bocek, Official Rep

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This type of situation will warrant a phone call and most likely a gotomeeting so we can assess the situation and help make the necessary corrections.  I have the case, so calling in and referencing the case, will get in touch with me.  If I am unavailable, any one of our technicians can assist.  Without seeing what it is you're trying to achieve, this can be difficult to resolve.

P.J. Bocek